What is a medication review?
A medication review is a one-on-one discussion between you (the patient) and our pharmacist.
This is where we review all your prescription medications, over the counter medications, herbal and natural medications you are currently on. We would talk about how you are doing on them. Your life style habits. What are you hoping to achieve by taking them.
We will discuss potential side effects, potential interactions, and proper dosing in accordance with your age and disease condition.
We may also make suggestions or recommendations in case you are having any problems.
At your discretion, we would also contact your doctor and discuss our suggestions if you feel it needed to be made.

A sample medication review Miss B.M

A sample medication review Miss B.Y


Call us today and schedule your medication review. The best part about this service is that it is fully covered by Pharmacare for those who are eligible. Call us today and ask about our FREE house calls and prescription delivery.