Meet the pharmacist

Dr. A. Tavor is a fully licensed BC pharmacist who is also certified to inject immunizations/vaccines.
Born and raised in Israel Dr. Tavor and his family moved to Canada in 2014 in search of a better life.
In 1997 Dr. Tavor started his pharmacy career in Israel where he had begun attending the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He had achieved his Bachelor of Pharmacy (magna cum laude), Master in Clinical Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy Degrees throughout his long course of study.
Dr. Tavor is a licensed a pharmacist in Canada, USA, and Israel.
Dr. Tavor’s pharmacy experience includes community pharmacy (in managed care, chain pharmacies and independent pharmacies) as well as in hospital pharmacy (as a pharmacy consultant in a neurosurgery ICU).
Dr. Tavor forte is performing medication reviews and managing complex medication regimens, where he can put his clinical experience into practice.
In his little spare time, Dr. Tavor enjoys reading, cycling and hiking with his family in beautiful British Columbia.